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Newly Diagnosed

If you or someone close to you has recently been diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation (AFib), you probably have a lot of questions or concerns. You might also be feeling so overwhelmed by the diagnosis that you aren’t sure what kinds of questions to ask. You’ve taken the first step toward learning more, and we’re here to help.

Taking a proactive approach to learn more about AFib is the next step. Becoming an informed advocate for yourself or a loved one is the best approach for managing AFib. This community is an educational resource, as well as a place to connect with other people who are managing their AFib or for those helping a loved one who is living with AFib – JOIN NOW!

Newly Diagnosed Articles
What is AFib, or Atrial Fibrillation?

Atrial fibrillation (also called AFib or AF) is a quivering or irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) that can lead to blood clots, stroke, heart failure and other heart-related complications. Some people refer to AF as a quivering heart. An estimated 2.7 million Americans are living with AF.

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Why AFib Matters

What are the consequences of atrial fibrillation (AFib)? Although atrial fibrillation can feel weird and frightening, an “attack of AFib” usually doesn’t have harmful consequences by itself. The real danger is the increased risk for stroke. Even when symptoms are not noticeable, AFib can increase a person’s risks for stroke and related heart problems.

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Understand Your Risk

Are you at risk for atrial fibrillation? (AFib or AF) Any person, ranging from children to adults, can develop atrial fibrillation. Because the likelihood of AFib increases with age and people are living longer today, medical researchers predict the number of AFib cases will rise dramatically over the next few years.

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Symptoms of Atrial Fibrillation

The most common symptom: a quivering or fluttering heartbeat Atrial fibrillation (AFib) is the most common type of irregular heartbeat. The abnormal firing of electrical impulses causes the atria (the top chambers in the heart) to quiver (or fibrillate). View an animation of atrial fibrillation.

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Treatment and Prevention

Know your treatment goals The treatment goals of atrial fibrillation (AF or AFib) start with a proper diagnosis through an in-depth examination from a physician. The exam usually includes questions about your history and often an EKG or ECG. Some patients may need a thorough electrophysiology study.

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National Arts Centre - Centre

At the National Arts Centre English Theatre, Canada is our stage.

The goal ofThe Collaborationsis to place our development resources directly into the hands of artists and companies as they take the next steps towards refining the vision for their original works. Sometimes this support is fiscal, and sometimes it takes shape as artistic and administrative support from the team here at the NAC.

At the NAC, we aim to support singular voices and unique theatrical invention across this great land. Canada is our stage andThe Collaborationsis our conversation.

In collaboration with us since 2018

The INVISIBLE - Agents of Ungentlemanly Warfare

Edmonton, Alberta

The Pigeon King

Blyth, Ontario

In collaboration with us since 2017

Black Lives Black Words

Toronto, Ontario

In the Shadow of the Mountains

Vancouver, British Columbia

Not I by Samuel Beckett

London, United Kingdom


Calgary, Alberta

Who Wants the Dress

Ottawa, Ontario

The Temporary

This Is the Point

A Gathering in Memory of Dr. Gordon P. Silver

Lime Green Wow Factor

Montréal, Québec

SOUND OFF: A Deaf Theatre Festival

The Dialysis Project

Oraltorio: A Theatrical Mixtape


The Bridge

Halifax, Nova Scotia

In collaboration with us since 2016

Freedom Singer

The China Project


The Prairie Project

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Victoria, British Columbia

Between Breaths

St. John's, Newfoundland


The Full Light of Day

In collaboration with us since 2015

The Bluebird Mechanicals



A History of Summer

New York, New York

5 X 25

The Empire

Up to Low

Unconcious at the Sistine Chapel

Brebeuf's Ghost

The Musical McCoy

What a Dream It Was

Lets Not Beat Each Other To Death

The Sound of Dogs


Popcorn Elder

Meacham, Saskatchewan

Julie Legal/Forest Fringe

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Cass Sunstein

May-June 1998

Kenneth Starr's behavior as independent counsel follows a pattern set in other investigations: the problem lies in the incentives and unchecked power of the office.


T he institutional design of the Independent Counsel is designed to heighten, not to check, all of the institutional hazards of the dedicated prosecutor; the danger of too narrow a focus, of the loss of perspective, of preoccupation with the pursuit of one alleged suspect to the exclusion of other interests." Thus wrote Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia nearly a decade ago, echoing the warning of three attorneys general, two of them staunch Republicans. In his dissenting vote to hold the Independent Counsel Act unconstitutional, Scalia objected that the supposedly independent counsel is a novel and dangerous means of law enforcement: a prosecutor who is effectively accountable to no one and entirely focused on a single person.

Kenneth Starr was appointed to investigate possible illegality in connection with the Whitewater affair in Arkansas. Nearly four years and $30 million later, Starr authorized and obtained tape recordings of private conversations with Monica Lewinsky, the former White House aide. As of this writing he has also threatened criminal charges against Lewinsky, issued subpoenas to a large number of people who may have talked to Lewinsky about her sex life, forced Lewinsky's own mother through two days of testimony before a grand jury, and sought testimony from members of the Secret Service and from Lewinsky's original lawyer. Whatever may be the outcome of this investigation—whatever its fate or that of President Clinton—it cannot be doubted that Starr's behavior extends far beyond the usual practice of the criminal prosecutor. Prosecutors do not ordinarily authorize tape recordings designed to capture private accounts of alleged illicit sexual relations, and they rarely threaten to bring perjury charges as a result of affidavits in civil cases, especially when the affidavits involve such relations.

This article is not primarily about Starr's investigation. What is remarkable is that Starr's conduct has been paralleled by a large number of less publicized but drawn-out, expensive, and sometimes obsessive investigations by other independent prosecutors. The peculiar behavior is best understood as a product of the bizarre incentives created by the Independent Counsel Act, one of the most ill-conceived pieces of legislation in the last quarter century.